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Immerse Yourself In The Magick

Folklore is an inclusive space dedicated to providing metaphysical tools and an extensive and interactive herbal apothecary in line with cultural and historical truth. We want you to have an interactive learning experience with every trip and have made everything self guided and accessible, with guides that you can take home with you after your trip. Many of our wares are not currently listed on the site, so be sure to stop in and see our full inventory!
You'll enjoy your experience whether or not you decide to take some of the magick home with you. From the basics like high grade organic essential oils and herbs, to hand made and fair trade magickal wares, we've got you covered.

Amble through our forest of signature spell candles and high quality, perfumed conjure oils, true to tradition. Take a peak inside our cupboard of magickal kits. Pick from the same crystals, curios, and gems that were revered by the ancients themselves, favored especially by Egypt in decoration of the home and body.


Spiritual Support When You Need It

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Our intuition is our strong suit, but our background in counseling and study of the human mind are what drive us to want to help our clients work through their issues beyond just a simple session. It is our goal to not only provide you with further resources after every every service, event, or reading, but also ways in which to help improve your daily life. Add a little spell to soothe the soul, and you’re on your way to gently uncovering the depths of your truths.


After browsing our selection of herbal teas, let us show you our hand crafted jewelry, specimen art, home decor and statuary, unique tapestries printed in house by a family owned business, and more. Our craftsmen provide a wide variety of wares, both in house and abroad, from handcrafted wands by a true wands master many years in the making, to handmade t-shirts, intention candles, art, kitchen wares, and more. We are proud to offer fair trade by choosing high quality, sustainable materials, and sourcing from small businesses and artisanal craftsmen both locally and abroad, just like us! Many pieces are one of a kind, made with natural materials such as crystal, moss, bone, wood, ethically sourced specimens, and more. We work hard to provide sustainable packaging such as reusable glass jars and paper bags, and recycle all of our packing materials. The health of the environment is integral to our craft.


And last but certainly not least, feel free to browse our ever-growing library of mythological, historical, psychological, and metaphysical texts, as well as our selection of tarot and oracle decks available for purchase right here at Folklore. Nothing is more integral to historical understanding and spiritual wellness than knowing our roots and expanding our minds. We provide tradition steeped in truth. 16 years' experience in spiritual practice aids us in answering any question you may have, as well as curating any curio, candle, amulet, or materia you may need. We have a little something for folks of every enchanted path, no matter where you are in your journey. We strive to provide ethical, practical, inclusive, and high quality products at unbeatable prices. We want you to know that we're more than just a store; we hope to be your home away from home. 

Our Hours

Tuesday - Sunday

11:00 am - 6:00 pm


1438 Beck Avenue, Panama City, Florida, 32401

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