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Everything under our in house brand, HEXE, is handmade with magickal intent, and no two pieces are the same! Everything is ritually cleansed every New Moon cycle and blessed for the coming month, reaching a natural rhythm in its energies much like how the tide communes, ebbs, and flows with the moon's phases. 

Many of our other available products are made by small businesses that are always busy handcrafting new gorgeous  artisanal wares and metaphysical goods. We have hand picked all of our products based on ethical and sustainable sourcing from fair trade companies, personal need as spiritual practitioners over the years, as well as the many items and themes that pertain to our love for all things herbal, magickal, mythological, and of the natural realm. We love curating products that enhance the mind and expand the spirit, as well as those that honor the minds and traditions that have come before to pave the way for our understanding today.