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We are currently offering a variety of Services geared toward holistic healing of the body, mind, and spirit. 
Here at Folklore, we believe that self care is a priority. We want to make that possible for you, supporting you in your own unique journey To Help You become more in tune and aligned with your path.
Bring to light the delicate threads that weave together the story of your destiny when you book a reading today. Shaley works through intuition to deliver the messages your guides wish for you to hear most. She is an intuitive reader and clairvoyant, able to sense and see things that are neither said nor made manifest. Our guides have an uncanny way of ensuring that the truth will always be revealed, even in times when Veritas herself has been hidden by layers of confusion and murk.
       We want to make sure your experience is both individualized and thorough. Our intuition is backed and solidified by our backgrounds in counseling and study in social and metaphysical work. This is what drives us to want to help our clients work through their issues beyond just a simple forecast. It is our goal to not only provide you with further resources after every service, but also ways in which to help improve your daily life. Add a little spell to soothe the soul, and you’re on your way to gently uncovering the depths of your subconscious mind.
We are proud to announce that we now have reiki healing available on listed days as well here at Folklore. Join Michaelle Palmer, certified massage therapist and reiki practitioner, in starting your energy healing journey today!
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