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Our Community and What They Offer


Stacy MaRie has been a practitioner of several witchcraft traditions spanning over three decades. She began her witchcraft journey in 1988, graduating from Our Lady of Enchantment Seminary of Wicca in 2009 with a Wiccan Religious Arts and Science Priesthood degree. She ran a Wiccan teaching coven called Temple Zenith, and has studied many paths and traditions under the pagan, witchcraft, and Wiccan umbrellas. She approaches spellcraft from an exploratory test and learn perspective, walking her spiritual path with a pagan animist gait and a gray philosophy. Her purpose is to help others advance and hone their own unique witchcraft practice to empower and heal.Stacy considers herself the current tour guide of Enigmatic Witchcraft, an exploration of witchcraft as an evolutionary practice for a changing world. It's a practice that seeks to bring beings together rather than drive them apart.She believes that we need to take responsibility for our place in the world, and a big part of that is finding ways to better understand Nature and the Cosmos itself is a living being endowed with soul and reason.Be on the lookout for Stacy's first class announcement of many hosted here at Folklore, and follow the link below to learn more about Enigmatic Witchcraft!

Tarot Readings with Shaley, Owner of Folklore House

Discover your True Archetypal Self. Bring to light the delicate threads that weave together the story of your Destiny. Unearth your Life Path. Wade through the waters of your Deity’s call. Let us work together to reveal your Ultimate Truths. The shop owner will be providing walk-in tarot readings every Saturday at Folklore. You may schedule an appointment ahead of time, or you may arrive the day of for your reading and we will gladly have you. Shaley operates on intuition and channeled messages from her guides. It is all thanks to their guidance that she has the fortune of running this shop today. Through our readings at Folklore, we want to help you to overcome the shackles of life's adversity, aid you in making the right decisions, and to provide you with messages from both your guides and our own. Shaley prefers to operate blindly, meaning that she will formulate the spread best suited for you, without any prior knowledge of your situation. This provides a clear communication channel and ample time for you to receive the information you need. She wants to make sure that your experience is both individualized and thorough. Her intuition is her strong suit, but Shaley's background in counseling and study of the human mind are what drive her to want to help her clients work through their issues beyond a simple session. It is her goal to provide you with further resources after your reading, and also ways in which you can improve your daily life. Add a little spell to soothe the soul, and you're on your way to gently uncovering your truths.

Heart Beat Drum Circle with Astrologer Michael Mazzenga

Now hosting.... DRUM CIRCLES at Folklore!

Michael Mazzenga is a wonderful teacher and astrologer that has joined our team to host Heart Beat Drum Circle during the full moon every month at Folklore. We would love to become a part of your full moon ritual!
If you have a heartbeat, you have rhythm. Drumming is great for our physical, mental, emotional and social health.

Please join us for Heart Beat, a family friendly, no-experience-needed drum circle facilitated by Michael Mazzenga. We're doing them monthly, every Full Moon, and April's will be our first! Bring your own drum or use ours. Offerings are appreciated but not required for these full moon events.

Mike is a lifelong drummer trained in several genres that has led hundreds of drum circles, private lessons, and his One Beat hand drumming classes in the Panama City/PCB area. Be on the look out for his drumming classes and astrology sessions coming soon to Folklore!


Do you have questions about any of our services?
Feel free to contact Folklore and we will let your instructor or servicer know!

Thank you so much for reaching out! We will get back with you within 48 hours.

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