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Also known as Rockweed


Priced Per Ounce


When going by sea, bring dried bladderwrack with you for protection. Use when performing any type of sea-based magick, including weather magick that involves calling forth the winds. Bladderwrack can be infused into floor cleaning solutions to draw consumers and increase revenue. To attract money into your home, tuck a tiny piece under your doorstep.


Bladderwrack contains dietary fiber. Fiber helps with constipation, but it can also relieve diarrhea and keep your bowel movements more regular in general. GERD is chronic acid reflux. Some people manage it with lifestyle changes, but others take medications or supplements. One over-the-counter medication, Gaviscon, uses alginic acid — found in bladderwrack — in combination with magnesium carbonate to treat heartburn and GERD.


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