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Mercury | Zeus, Dagda, Thor, Amun


Also known as Five Finger Grass


Priced Per Ounce


Cinquefoil leaves have five branches, resembling fingers on a hand. The leaves' branches represent wisdom, power, wealth, health, and love. It is utilized for dream interpretation, meditation, and divination. It is a superior herb for use in spells that pull money. Another usage for five finger grass is to cling to a partner. It is thought that bringing it to court improves one's eloquence. It is employed to make operations successful.


A traditional astringent with properties akin to those of witch hazel and white oak bark. Similar to other botanicals, it is utilized to ease gastrointestinal distress while also tightening and toning tissues. Astringent herbs are frequently used as mouthwashes or gargles to calm the mouth, throat, and gums. Not reccomended for ingestion.



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