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VENUS | Baba Yaga, Crone


Also known as Arbre de Judas


Priced Per Ounce


Elderflowers are used for prosperity, uncrossing, protection, and healing. Elderflower is used to protect yourself from spiritual and physical attacks, to protect marriage, maintain fidelity, and for physical healing. Add a pinch of Elderflower, Black Cohosh, and Lavender to a red flannel bag to create a mojo bag to ward off illness. Sprinkle Elderflower on top of a Protection candle to add extra power. Mix Elderflower with ground Hawthorn berries and Sandalwood resin and burn on charcoal for a protection incense. Dress a candle in fiery wall of protection oil and roll in Elderflower for extra power.


Elderflower has just as many if not more healing properties as the berry of this wonderful plant. The flowers boost immunity, soothe sinuses, support blood sugar control, and relieve constipation.


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