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MERCURY | Prometheus, Apollo, Dionysus


Also known as Hui Xiang


Priced Per Ounce


Plant fennel around your home to provide all-around protection. Place fennel seeds near windows to keep away unwanted visitors and malevolent energies. Burn fennel seeds to clear negativity from your home. Use the smoke from the seeds to purify any tools you want to use for your magickal practice.If you feel like you’ve had a run of bad luck, roll a candle in olive oil and then cover it with ground fennel seeds. Light the candle and let it burn to nothing then bury the remaining wax away from your home to break the streak of bad luck.


Consuming fennel seeds may help improve digestion, purifiy the blood, regulate blood pressure, and relieve menstrual cramps. Great to add to tummy soothers and uterine tonics.

Fennel Seed

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