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Also known as Earth Smoke


Priced Per Ounce


Fumitory is an excellent herb to use for Samhain celebrations, and is fantastic in tandem with mullein stalks and candles for this purpose. It is among the better uses for dispelling negative energies. An herb of consecration, counter magick, protection, purification, and spiritual protection, especially when communing with Chthonic Spirits. It may be used to cense a temple, but it is also useful as a wash, infused as a tea in water for the consecration of ritual tools. Fumitory lends itself to rituals of purification, such as the preparation of a new residence before moving in and unpacking.


Fumitory is used to treat intestinal spasms and irritable bowel syndrome. It is is also used for skin conditions, eye irritation (conjunctivitis), heart problems, fluid retention, and constipation.


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