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Introducing: Midnight Garden, a new series made in house at Folklore. 🌕🌿

Meet our friend the Cosmic Carapace, shimmering with the light of hand painted golden rays, the real Rhino Beetle's core ablaze with the fiery glow of an upcycled carnelian cabochon.

This beetle rests upon dual crescents, mirroring the celestial dance of the cosmos, while a rosary of kambaba jasper, serpentine, bloodstone, and goldstone tells the tales of many a cosmic journey past.

Here, the rhino beetle transforms, becoming a guardian of the night, its voice a beacon for those who traverse the starlit path.

These one of a kind, handmade pieces are made of repurposed, recycled, and ethically sourced natural materials. Are you bold enough to explore the Midnight Garden? ✨

Each piece is one of a kind, no two pendants being created alike. Therefore, this is the only one available for purchase, and another like it will not be possible. Many materials used are natural or salvaged, and are not easily found again!

Midnight Garden: Cosmic Carapace

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