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Also known as Candlewick Plant


Priced Per Ounce


Mullein can be carried or worn to attract love. It can also be made into a sachet and placed under the pillow to help prevent nightmares. Mullein is frequently hung above doors and in windows in India because it is seen to be the most effective defense against warding off negativity. Mullein is moreover traditionally employed as a beacon to ensure the safety of spirits during their funeral rites, being made into candles to light their way.


Applied externally, compresses of the leaves, which contain mucilage properties, are said to soften tumours, hardened swellings and inflammatory conditions of the skin. The leaves and flowers are highly recommended as a cough remedy, especially for a dry, hacking cough, asthma, bronchitis etc. Old herbals often mention mullein leaves as a smoking herb to alleviate lung complaints. mullein infused oil is also effective for ear aches.


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