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Folklore is happy to introduce to you a new in house art pendant series from our creator:


Pratum Felicitatis: A Parable


This remarkable pendant harnesses the profound protective properties of smoky quartz. Known as a powerful grounding stone, smoky quartz acts as a shield against negativity, transforming it into positive energy. Its gentle yet potent spirit creates a barrier of protection, enveloping the wearer in a cocoon of stability and security.


The green mushroom crafted from clay symbolizes growth and renewal. This is the essence of the finest elements of the alchemical journey: to transform something into beautiful new growth. Green hues often represent nature's nurturing essence, fertility, and the cycle of life. The mushroom's unique form and vibrant color serve as a beacon of vitality and resilience.


Combining the sturdy foundation of smoky quartz with the symbolic representation of the mushroom, the Guardian Grove pendant becomes a wonderful, one of a kind protective amulet. It serves as a reminder of the wearer's inherent strength and resilience while offering a shield against negative influences. He is a true guardian amongst the forest of alchemy!


This is a one of a kind series near and dear to my heart, one that started Folklore years ago, before it ever received its new moniker. This story brought me back to my art and creation in all of its forms. It is also the name of our beautifully floral and fragrant Pratum conjure oil, its inspiration coming to me during a time of desolation, a time of seeking hope for the future ahead. While perusing classics, I stumbled upon an examination of the journey of the soul, told through visceral hermetic and alchemical language. It spoke to me immediately; and, of course, I had to dive deeper. I watched the story unfold of a soul coming to see and integrate within itself its truths, one of ultimate understanding and an outpouring of love not only for others, but a forgiveness for the desires of the self.


It is through this journey, through these truths, and through this love, that I present you one of a kind crystal pendant keepsakes. A fae portal surrounded in apatite, moss, and amanita with a gorgeous, calming amethyst window; a tree of the Meadow Herself, containing rhodochrosite, a heart stone at its center to integrate the spiritual and physical, with alchemically transformed citrine as its base; color shifting flora; amanitas with amplifying quartz, emotionally balancing lepidolite, and alchemical citrine gems; the meadow of felicity contains it all.


While each piece speaks to its own experience and piece of the soul, find our Pratum Felicitatis blog post to read the story that inspired it all.

This pendant comes on a custom made adjustable cord, ends crimped and beaded with mushrooms, crystals, and more, to ensure that your piece will not fray. This can be worn long or short, just how you like it!


Each piece is one of a kind, no two pendants being created alike. Therefore, this is the only one available for purchase, and another like it will not be possible. Many materials used are natural or salvaged, and are not easily found again.

Pratum Felicitatis: Guardian Grove Pendant

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