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MARS | Artemis, Diana, Iris


Also known as Madderwort


Priced Per Ounce


Wormwood herb was historically steeped in a variety of alcoholic beverages and is a prominent component in absinthe. The plant can be tinctured, added to herbal tea blends, and utilized in other botanical preparations. Wormwood is worn for this reason as well as used in incenses made to support psychic abilities. Sandalwood can be combined with it to conjure spirits. It can be positioned under the bed to bring a loved one closer and is occasionally used in love infusions.


Wormwood’s most notable plant compound is thujone, which has some benefits but can be toxic in excess. This active compound contributes to the herb's pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as stimulating the nervous system and causing hallucinations in extreme doses. Wormwood is not intended for consumption in large or long term quantities, and is abortafacient and should not be taken wHILE pregnant or breastfeeding.


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