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Welcome to the Folklore Coven

Become a Member of the Folklore Coven Today and Gain Access to Dozens of Invaluable Resources to Advance Yourself in Your Magickal Craft.


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At the heart of Folklore Coven is an extensive compendium that spans a multitude of different aspects of spiritual practice. From crystals to meditation, tarot to manifestation, and even diving into the depths of shadow work, it covers a wide spectrum of questions and inquiries we've had at Folklore. The curated guidebooks, grimoire pages, and downloadable resources offer a treasure trove of information, making it a comprehensive hub for both beginners and seasoned practitioners alike.

What sets Folklore Coven apart is the commitment to constant growth and expansion. With monthly additions of new content, including forthcoming resources on herbalism, subscribers can expect a continuously evolving treasure trove of magickal knowledge. And it's not just information—there are practical tools like calendars, journals, study guides, and flashcards to aid in personal practice and learning.

The inclusion of respected educators like Benebell Wen, Jessica Cross, and Folklore's in house practitioners, add a layer of credibility and expertise to the collection, ensuring that subscribers have access to valuable insights from esteemed sources.

Moreover, Folklore aims to foster a sense of community. It's not just an online repository of resources; it's a space where practitioners, both local and nationwide, can gather, exchange ideas, and learn together. This communal aspect adds a vibrant dimension to the subscription, allowing members to connect, chat, and grow within their shared magical journey.

Overall, Folklore Coven is a newly budding haven for those seeking to explore the magickal arts, offering a diverse range of resources, fostering community, and embracing the whimsical world of nature-based magick and holistic wellness.

What does being in the coven entail?

access to our full library

Access to a fully downloadable library of over 450 invaluable books on Magick, Witchcraft, Paganism, Spirituality, Antiquarian Grimoires, and the Occult. With resources for the novice all the way up the ladder to a multi-skilled adept practitioner, and hundreds of old public domain books that we have compiled and gathered just for you, you’re sure to have a wealth of information on your hands to last you years of resource and intrigue.

Access to Downloadable Calendars, Journal Prompts, Spells, and Grimoire Pages

You will have access to fully designed PDFs of calendars tracking the moon phases for magickal workings; journal prompts for divination, spellcraft, and beyond; grimoire pages and resources to craft your own Book of Shadows; and so, so much more! These are well researched and designed, and uploaded/updated monthly. Check back for new resources every month!

Downloadable Guides on a variety of essential practices in the Craft

Some examples include how to cast a circle, how to set up your altar, how to perform spell work, magickal days and their corresponding spellcasting, and more!

modern guides to the tarot

This collection will include a plethora of resources, such as cheat sheets for the major and minor arcana, guides on the tarot and their correspondences, study materials and flash cards, and more! There are multiple printable tarot spreads to test out what suits you best, and to help keep track of readings as you progress.

access to a digital community

we will have an online coven chat board available for you to ask questions, seek guidance, discuss local events, and more!

crystal foundations guidebook - free!

Dive into the captivating realm of crystals and unlock their potent energies through this comprehensive course on cleansing, charging, and attuning crystals. Delve into the ancient practices and contemporary methods that align these beautiful pieces of nature with your unique energetic frequency and intent.

Learn about electromagnetic energy and how it affects our bodies, the energetic force of crystals and natural materials, how crystals were used historically in places such as China, Egypt, and Greece, crystal care, how to choose your crystal, cleansing and attuning crystals, practical applications, crystal grids, and so much more. With supplemental resources, references, and guides, you're sure to find the information that you're looking for in an introductory course to crystal healing!

By the end of this course, you'll emerge equipped with a good understanding of crystal energies as well as a diverse beginner's toolkit to not only pick the crystals that are best for you, but to also care for, cleanse, and attune them for use! Gain the confidence to attune crystals, harness their potential, and employ their energy in your healing modalities. Whether you seek personal growth, healing, a spellworking aid, or manifestation, this course empowers you to unleash the transformative powers of crystals with precision and intent.

crystal glossary

This is a comprehensive glossary of the typical crystals, minerals and gems that are seen in magickal workings, talismans, ritual, jewelry, and metaphysical energy work. This glossary is 55 pages and includes information on crystal energy, how and when to cleanse the crystal’s Qi, as well as a large collection of correspondences.

one full oracle and one full tarot deck

You will gain an entire oracle deck for you to do readings! You will also receive a full traditional ride-waite tarot deck as a printable.

two shadow work journals

You will gain access to two separate journals to track your progress in your shadow workings. One is a general prompt journal and guidebook by Jessica Cross that walks you through the steps of shadow work; as you utilize this journal and study what it means to do shadow work, you can also utilize the companion shadow work cartomancy journal and its various exercises. This journal was presented by Benebell Wen to the 2016 Card Reading Summit, and proves to be truly invaluable for any reader, from beginner to adept. Not only will this help you, but can help your clients, too!

What Our Clients Say

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Victoria Turner

“I do not have a set theme; I take from all magickal courses and never found a lack of information. Any questions I have, they do their best to answer, or direct me to finding the answer. They even took interest in me and notice what I like, where when I walk in they tell me what they got new in, or inform me of things coming in. I’m very big on Egyptian lore and they have even asked me what things I’d like. When I say these people have a passion I mean it fully. I recommend a million times over. I absolutely love this shop!”
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We value education, authenticity, and hands on learning here at folklore. We seek to provide all of the resources necessary for you to blossom as a magickal practitioner.

Pay one small fee for the year, with no commitment.

We don't believe in charging you monthly for a service, and have provided membership to Folklore Coven at a small annual fee. We also don't believe in providing a subscription service that charges you automatically.

So many of us get caught up in our interests and get hit with charges we weren't expecting because of things we've signed up for and forgotten about. You are always free to return next year and sign up again if you'd like to continue membership.

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