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Also known as Sacred Blue Lily


Priced Per Ounce


Blue lotus represents death, rebirth, and the power of the sun. It was commonly found and revered in tombs, temples, and artwork in Egypt, Greece, India, Thailand, and beyond. It is a perfect plant for dream work, lucid dreaming, working and comunicating with the divine, and induce higher states of consciousness. Use it during ritual, meditation, and practices of transcendence. The flowers may be steeped in red wine to produce a potent ritual aid, commonly used by ancient egyptians for this purpose. 


Blue lotus is a mild psychoactive that acts as an aphrodisiac, anxiety reducer, and aids in relief from depressive symptoms. It is known to have anaethetic effects, with anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties, and can aid in sleep quality and duration. This can be made into a topical or ingested in a tea for pain relief. 

Blue Lotus

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