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How the lore began...

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As a small batch, inclusive metaphysical brand, Folklore is dedicated to providing our community with artisan products, educationals, and an apothecary for the ages, more than 75% of our store being hand-crafted inventory filled with personalized magickal intent. Many of our in house brands are made by us or people just like us! We proudly emphasize local creators, servicers, and event coordinators at Folklore. We believe it's important to not only create a thriving community but to also support our local artists and economy, giving back for all that has been so graciously provided to us.

Folklore is a holistic wellness shoppe, for healing, born from healing. Read on to hear more about our founder, Shaley, and her subsequent spiritual journey on its enduring way to opening Folklore House:

I have been a practitioner of spirituality and holistic wellness since 12 years young, making intentional jewelry and candles with my mother and on my own, learning the laws of the land and what truly calls to my spirit. I have always believed that, for me, crafting and survival are largely intertwined. What began as crafting jewelry, crochet and knitting, turned into a full-time photography business starting at just 15, with artistry on the side. My passion was truly ignited once I began to spend hours poring over theology and ethnobotany, as well as procuring certifications in herbal healing and counseling.

To explain Folklore is to go beyond the simple surface level of your typical business's biography. I have given my all and then some to ensure that Folklore can be all that you see it is today.
My drive behind opening Folklore has been to help others in their emotional, spiritual, and holistic healing journeys. I want to be able to provide the truth behind botanicals as well as the answers to questions that all people have about spirituality in all faiths, not just any one realm.


I have spent over 17 years studying and practicing not only holistic herbal healing, but also spirituality within the realm of metaphysics. I have crafted, curated, and sourced products filled with educational value that are sustainable, ethically sourced and created, fair trade, and entirely unique to each person's practice.

My main priority is to nurture the minds, hearts, emotions, bodies, and souls of my clients. I learn best by first crafting things based upon my own personal needs, or those of my clients, rather than trends; much as we are taught to write what we know, it's important that a lot of what we provide holistically and spiritually be tested and utilized in house prior to sale.

The opening of Folklore's storefront location was met with a lot of difficulty, and it was through the efforts of the community that I was able to create a beautiful and thriving environment for all of us. From wonderful instructors that stepped up to the plate to teach, to dozens of folx that got together to help us create both a beautifully artistic and effervescently lively Folklore Faire; friends that gathered together to play games by the fire and keep us company while we crafted; those that provided us with comfort, tea, and hugs in times of stress; each one of you have had a hand in creating Folklore House.

Thanks to the encouragement and tenacity of these incredible people, I met and overcame the challenges of a damaging relationship that resulted in a year of healing, emotional growth, and finding happiness. I found courage and strength through the efforts of my wonderful partner and co-owner, who provided me valuable insight based on his own experiences. Much like folklore itself, we learn through the stories and actions of those around us, and it is thanks in large to our communities and the helping hands that are extended that we thrive, survive, and succeed!

It was through this healing process that I found myself even more prepared to provide herbal, intuitive, and emotional relief to our community here in Panama City and Panama City Beach. Folklore is my way of saying thank you to a group of folx from all walks of life that wanted nothing more than to see spirituality and holistic wellness thrive in Panama City.

We've been incredibly honored to join you all in your spiritual and healing journeys, even if only for the briefest of moments. We have never felt more blessed than to be able to offer you guidance and a helping hand in order for you to reach both peace and success.

Thank you so much for helping me to realize my dream and aid me in the process of providing relief and healing to others.

With Warm Regard,

Shaley with Folklore House

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