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More About The Witches at Folklore HOuse...

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As a small batch, inclusive metaphysical brand, Folklore is dedicated to providing you with artisan products, hand-crafted and filled with personalized magickal intent. Many of our in house brands are made by us or people just like us!

Shaley's drive behind opening this company was to help others in their spiritual journeys and to provde the truth and mythos of magickal and botanical lore. Through over 16 years of study and practice, she has crafted, curated, and sourced products filled with educational value that are sustainable, ethically sourced, fair trade, and entirely unique to each person’s practice. Our main priority is to nurture the minds, hearts, emotions, bodies, and souls of our clients. We’ve been honored to join you all in your spiritual and healing journeys, even if only the briefest of moments. We have never felt more blessed than to be able to read for you, offer you guidance, curate intentional kits for you, as well as being fortunate enough to provide the tools you need in order to succeed in your path. What started as an early morning divinatory revelation in 2019 turned into a dream realized and manifested.

Shaley has been a magickal practitioner since 12 years young, making intentional jewelry and candles with her mother and on her own, studying the craft, learning the laws of the land and becoming in tune with the turning of the wheel. She has spent hours pouring over theology and ethnobotany, with certifications in herbal healing and counseling.

Our house bard Dusk is our valuable assistant manager and your typical face of Folklore, ready to help you with any and all questions you may have about our wares. He is a magickal practitioner with a heart of gold, interested in the history of the craft, geology, and Hermeticism, and always ready to lend a helping hand.

We have worked hard to turn HEXE, our products, and Folklore House into more than just brands, but also a cherished community. Check our services page to see our current crew and what goodies they have in store for you! We couldn’t have made this dream possible without all of your support and encouragement.
Feel free to come meet us at our new location in the wonderful, historic Saint Andrews community. We look forward to you coming, and cannot wait to meet you!

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