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Also known as Amapola de California


Priced Per Ounce


The California poppy allows for greater soul exploration. This explains why it has been traditionally used as a herbal nervine to soothe pain, agitated anxiety, restless movement, and insomnia. These soothing characteristics enable one to achieve a state of inner control, receptivity, and rest. These same qualities of the California poppy function both in the body and in the spiritual consciousness as a flower essence. One of the most effective treatments for patterns of addiction, restless searching and experimenting, as well as constantly shifting cravings, is the California poppy. It is associated with the deity of dreams.


California Poppy is a nervine that encourages relaxation and reduces stress, anxiety, nervousness and tension. To enhance its nervine properties, combine with valerian, hops, and/or passionflower. Helpful for people with insomnia, encouraging deep, restful sleep but not affecting rising.

California Poppy

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