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Also known as Bachelor Button


Priced Per Ounce


Feverfew is frequently utilized in mojo hands and amulets. It can be used on its own or in a bag with hyssop and rosemary to prevent common mishaps. Put it in your glove box, rearview mirror, or carry-on bag together with comfrey root, a St. Christopher medal, or other protective spirit, and fiery wall of protection oilto avoid mishaps while traveling. Feverfew can also assist in dispelling hexes meant to make you more prone to accidents by being used as a bath tea.


Feverfew is promoted for fevers, headaches, and arthritis; topically, it's promoted for toothache and as an antiseptic and insecticide. Feverfew has been called “medieval aspirin” or “aspirin of the 18th century.”


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