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Also known as Opium Lettuce


Priced Per Ounce


Wild Lettuce once played an iMPORTANT role in ritual and medicine in ancient Egypt and Greece It was linked to the Egyptian fertility god Min, who has occasionally been compared to Pan. A statue of the God was put on a little patch of wild lettuce and carried around during the procession during his festival. Although they cautioned that excessive use might dull the intellect, the Egyptians embraced wild lettuce as an aphrodisiac. To quell their carnal urges, the Greeks on the other hand employed it as an anaphrodisiac and included it in the priests' daily diet. To pay homage to the ancient Egyptians, wild lettuce may be utilized in fertility rituals.


Wild lettuce is now very seldom used in herbal medicine, but it was once widely used as a sedative and relaxant. It was reportedly effective for treating anxiety, nervousness, and insomnia. Children who are agitated and overexcited may be soothed under the care of a primary care physician's supervision. It relieves minor pain and calms a spasmodic cough.

Wild Lettuce Leaf

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