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The Lucky Black Cat throughout History

The black cat's origins in magick are many. Black cats have either represented luck or unluck, depending on which region of the world you are viewing. In our case, cats are one of our favorite symbols of luck, luxury, and success in all things money!

Before Europeans were able to tamper with their illustrious image, the black cat was a symbol in Egypt of royalty, power, and the Goddess Herself. You may be familiar with Bastet, the protector of women and households, goddess of women's secrets, fertility, childbirth, and, of course, cats! This is how the black cat has come to hold massive protective qualities as well, able to detect and repel evil spirits. They were associated with other deities as well who were depicted in their likeness, such as Mafdet, Mut, and Sekhmet. They protected the population against the diseases carried by vermin and stopped poisonous snakes in their tracks, highly praised for their aid in protecting pharaohs.

The Middle Ages saw the cats as something else, something associated with the Devil and all things malignant due to their nocturnal nature and their associations with witches and witchcraft. Many healers and witches kept them as companions for protection in the same fashion as those who came before them. Due to their association with the Devil, many of them were killed during the black death pandemic, despite their ability to cull the rats that spread the plague. Many even believed that the witch herself was able to shapeshift into the cat and become, much like the feline, a walker between worlds.

During the 8th century, many of those that would travel by boat or fish for their villages would bring cats along for the ride as companions and good luck symbols. The cats would aid in their ability to predict the weather and their safety as a result aboard ship.

There are a few things that are absolutely certain when it comes to the black cat: they are excellent protectors and hunters, able to take out deadly and poisonous bugs and vermin that may threaten you or your household. They are also walkers among realms, able to see things that the human eye cannot see, and able to protect against and ward off negative entities in the home. Their souls are still heavily rooted in royalty and luck, as many of our ancestors who have walked before us blessed them for years to come with riches and reverence. Feed your local black kitty well and treat her with respect, and she may just be your number one watchman!

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