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A 100% Natural Soy Wax 4 oz Aroma Spell Candle

Cast a protective barrier around the body and property with our new protective spell candle.

The evil eye is a spiritual practice originating in Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean, whereby it was believed that scorned and malific magickal practitioners were able to put curses on people and their loved ones. To safeguard against this, many people in Greece and Rome would install phallic imagery in and around their houses as a means of protection. These pillars of protection directly corresponded to Hermes himself, a protector of merchants, travelers, and most importantly, barriers and borders.

Later on, the protective symbols evolved into the more discreet nazars and hamsa hands which you see today. The nazar is a depiction of the eye itself, typically blue as it was believed that blue-eyed people (a rarity in the countries that traditionally used it) were the most capable of cursing with the evil eye. The hamza is known also as the hand of Fatima, daughter of Muhammad, although the symbol predates Islam and likely was once attributed to the goddess Ishtar-Astarte. Since then this has also been identified with Buddha and the Virgin Mary. It's most prevalent in North Africa and the Middle East.

Warm and smoky scents reminiscent of spending an evening spent content and warmed by the fireside and good company fill your home as you light this candle. Sweet and smoky, this candle gives off a warming and comforting glow. Notes of cinnamon and clove, creamy vanilla, and smoky fire create an incredible blend that won’t disappoint you, or the guides that seek to guide and protect you.

When incorporating candle magick into your practice, it is crucial to take the time to organize your intentions. The flame burns as brightly as your desires! Visualize what you want and focus your mind while lighting the candle. See in your mind's eye what your heart is deeply wishing for. Couple intentions with a long burn time and you’ve got a powerful magickal tool, charged and ready.

FIRE SAFETY: Remove all curios and decorations from candle either before or during the first burn if not easily removable. Magickal curios such as bottles, flowers, crystals, and more can instead be used in spell work. Do not burn candle unsupervised! Seriously don’t.

These candles are made to order and can take up to a week to ship. We appreciate your patience! Actual colors may vary from the images depicted due to variations in device displays and differences in individual perception of color. We try very hard to ensure the pictures are as true to color as possible.

Evil Eye Protection Spell Candle

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