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SATURN | Cronus, Saturn


Also known as Guinea Grains


Priced Per Ounce


Prior to meditation and psychic growth, gotu kola is burned either alone or in combination with other resins and herbs on charcoal discs. It is an herb that is used in some parts of India to open the crown chakra and as a moderate sedative before yoga and meditation. Elephants in Sri Lanka were rumored to like eating the leaves of gotu kola. The herb gained a reputation as a longevity and memory enhancer because elephants are known for their longevity and memory. There used to be a Sinhalese adage that roughly translates as "Two leaves a day keep old age away."


Gotu Kola is most commonly used to aid in improving memory functions and brain cognition. It is also useful in combating anxiety and depression. Gotu Kola may even have potential in preventing or treating the symptoms Alzheimer's Disease.

Gotu Kola

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