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Solar | Ra, Helios, Arinna, Sol


Also known as Life Everlasting Flower


Priced Per Ounce


The helichrysum flower, often hailed as a "spiritual warrior," has a remarkable ability to evoke courage and serenity in the mind. Its name, originating from ancient Greek words for "sun" and "gold," highlights the striking yellow blooms of the Asteraceae plant. The essence of this bloom acts as a potent catalyst, great when paired with a road opener, helping individuals overcome obstacles and heal emotional wounds. This enables them to live life with greater boldness and authenticity.


Helichrysum is a healing and restorative powerhouse. It soothes inflammation, while also reducing pain with its built-in analgesic properties. It is a multifaceted aid in acute trauma conditions as well as a daily tonic to keep skin healthy.


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