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Also known as Kava Kava


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Kava is used in religious rites to seek enlightenment. Kava offers easy relaxation physically while heightening mental clarity. It is fantastic to consume before meditation and magickal workings. In Hawaii, most religious and spiritual ceremonies involve drinking kava, either before or after the event. The rituals are held to seek favor from the Gods. They would seek favor in any endeavor, from farming to marriages.


Kava eases into relaxation and reduces muscle tension. Kava also helps to elevate mood and an overall peaceful feeling for those who drink it.

Because it reduces everyday tension and promotes relaxation, Kava may help some have a more restful sleep. It also helps to reduce daily stressors over time when consumed regularly.


Kava is best prepared at the hottest tap temperature, but not boiling liquid, strained through a cheese cloth. Kava is released by kneeding, so it is often done in this manner with kava powder to ensure that you receive the benefits you desire. If consuming kava in a tea bag, gently press the bag against the side of the cup to "kneed" the kava.

Kava Root Powder

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