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VENUS | freya, virgin, mary, gaia, kanalo


Also known as Alchemilla


Priced Per Ounce


A member of the rose family, this herb is sacred to the Fae and can be utilized in all forms of love magick as well as being an aphrodisiac and fertility aid. Women would gather the dew that gathered on the velvety leaves in the medieval ages and wash their faces to work as a glamour, making them more alluring. It is related to the element of water and is regarded as an alchemical herb.


An ayurvedic herb, one of the key benefits of Lady’s Mantle is its ability to regulate menstruation. It stimulates the production of progesterone, which makes Lady’s Mantle one of the best herbs to combat fertility problems. It stimulates ovulation whilst acting as a uterine tonic, toning the uterus in readiness for conception. Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding individuals. consult a physician before use.

Lady's Mantle

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