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Lodestone conjure oil is a powerful and traditional blend within hoodoo and folk magic practices. It's crafted by infusing oil with lodestone, a naturally magnetic mineral renowned for its ability to attract and draw things towards it. This is our only fragrance free conjure oil, and perfect for those with sensitivities that want versatility!

This oil is primarily used for its magnetic properties, making it a potent tool for attracting specific desires, intentions, or energies. It's often employed in spells or rituals focused on drawing in luck, love, prosperity, or any other desired element.

This oleum is believed to amplify the user's intention, acting as a magnetic force that pulls the desired energies or outcomes closer. Its magnetic nature is thought to create an energetic alignment, aiding in manifesting the desired goals.


15ml listings are for bottles without droppers unless special edition is available.


All of our oleums are artisan crafted by hand under the powers of the full moon. This powerful energy of manifestation is imbued in your conjure oil, which is then blended with the moisturizing elements of almond and sunflower oil. We then steep your ritual oil in a proprietary herbal blend, infusing the power of the sun, herbs, and other curios for a powerful ritual oil that can be used in a multitude of ways.


Our oleums are skin safe and can be easily used to anoint the body. They make a beautiful standalone perfume, and can be used on pulse points to help to warm up your intent. Use these oils as an every day wear item, during ritual practice, meditiation, to dress your candles, anoint petition papers, as a massage oil, and more.


For External Use Only. Sold as a Curio. Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. A skin test is recommended prior to wearing. All products are handmade in the USA.

Lodestone Conjure Oil

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