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Introducing: Midnight Garden, a new series made in house at Folklore. 🌕🌿



Traverse the foothills of Springtime; quiet the mind and allow yourself the time to follow a heady, intoxicating scent of the wild blossoms of the Underworld.


Follow the melody of Aphrodite's Bloom, a heartsong clear and fragrant, rhodochrosite glinting in the afternoon sun. This necklace bursts forth with sweet rose quartz, rhodochrosite, and pink zebra jasper. The handmade pendant rests upon a handmade rosary.


Discover the Lunar Garden, aglow with the blue dust of Moonwing, where fae revel under the Firefly's golden glow. 🦋


Appreciate the magick of the Sun with Eclipse Blossom, a testament to the energies of the season.


Wander into the Sylvan Spirit, where ancient trees share secrets under topaz light.


At the journey's heart, the Verdant Enchanter reveals a labyrinth of flora and emerald leaf. One lucky traveler see the beauty of the jewels that walk the earth.


These one of a kind, handmade pieces are made of repurposed, recycled, and ethically sourced natural materials. Are you bold enough to explore the Midnight Garden? ✨



Each piece is one of a kind, no two pendants being created alike. Therefore, this is the only one available for purchase, and another like it will not be possible. Many materials used are natural or salvaged, and are not easily found again!

Midnight Garden: Aphrodite's Bloom

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