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A 100% Natural Soy Wax 4 oz Aroma Spell Candle

Designed with the intention of drawing abundance into your life, Opulence aids in bringing forth that which you need most. Filled with a cornucopia of gold flakes, golden quartz, aventurine, lodestone food and other magickal curios, Opulence is created to aid you in seeking to fill your life with love, happiness, money, success in business… whatever it may be. Allow Opulence to light the way and call forth abundance!

Our Opulence candle is a blend brimming with the bountiful energy of High John's root, nutmeg, cinnamon, and calendula. Dyed orange in reminiscence of abundant honey calcite, you will soon find your life overflowing with your desire - be it a fullness of the pockets or heart.

Each candle is hand made uniquely for you with lodestone food to feed the candle’s magickal intent as it drips down throughout it and a dusting of golden flakes adorns its brimming top like an overflowing cauldron of fine gold. We have added a combination of clear, aura, and gold-toned quartz as well as pyrite to add the powerful boost of crystals to this candle’s properties. It is scented with our proprietary ritual oil blend; Opulence, an intoxicating blend of patchouli, vanilla, and black pepper. Couple intentions with a long burn time and you’ve got a powerful magickal tool, charged and ready.

FIRE SAFETY: Remove all curios and decorations from candle either before or during the first burn if not easily removable. Magickal curios such as bottles, flowers, crystals, and more can instead be used in spell work. Do not burn candle unsupervised! Seriously don’t.

When incorporating candle magick into your practice, it is crucial to take the time to organize your intentions. The flame burns as brightly as your desires! Visualize what you want and focus your mind while lighting the candle. See in your mind's eye what your heart is deeply wishing for.

These candles are made to order and can take up to a week to ship. We appreciate your patience! Actual colors may vary from the images depicted due to variations in device displays and differences in individual perception of color. We try very hard to ensure the pictures are as true to color as possible.

Opulence Money Spell Candle

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