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A 100% Natural Soy Wax Aroma Spell Candle

So many witches have asked in the shop for recommendations for smokeless options for cleansing. As such, along with your Florida Water spray, we have handcrafted a subtly scented yet powerful cleansing and renewing candle for everyone to enjoy! As you are removing your curios prior to burning, consider burning the loose sage leaves as an added bonus if you enjoy smoke cleansing as well, and keeping your amplifying clear quartz nearby to boost your work.

The aromas of herbal, heady sage and loamy ozone fill your senses as sandalwood balances out this incredible candle and cleanses your home, aura, and mind.

FIRE SAFETY: Remove all curios and decorations from candle either before or during the first burn if not easily removable. Magickal curios such as bottles, flowers, crystals, and more can instead be used in spell work. Do not burn candle unsupervised! Seriously don’t.

When incorporating candle magick into your practice, it is crucial to take the time to organize your intentions. The flame burns as brightly as your desires! Visualize what you want and focus your mind while lighting the candle. See in your mind's eye what your heart is deeply wishing for.

These candles are made to order and can take up to a week to ship. We appreciate your patience! Actual colors may vary from the images depicted due to variations in device displays and differences in individual perception of color. We try very hard to ensure the pictures are as true to color as possible.

Sanctuary Cleansing Spell Candle

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