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Also known as Silver Wormwood


Priced Per Ounce


Sage is most commonly recognized for its ability to cleanse spaces and banish evil entities when burned. Additionally, hanging a branch of Sage of your door absorbs ill fortune. It was known to ease grief in 17th Century England where it was a popular adornment of graves.

A sachet of Sage can be worn or carried to protect against the Evil Eye, to promote wisdom, and to draw prosperity.

Use Sage in manifestation magic by focusing your will, writing your desires on a leave, and tucking it under your pillow for three nights. If you dream of your desire, it will soon materialize. If not, bury the Sage.


Sage has been used in medicinal practices for millennia as a broad-spectrum antibiotic. “Why should a man die when there is Sage in his garden?” is a saying that has been quoted since medieval times. An old Welsh manuscript suggests a sage gargle “should be used in all dangerous seasons when epidemic sore throats prevail; this will preserve you.” Ancient Romans used it to clean their teeth. Sage tea can be used to ease pain in limbs and joints as well as to relieve anxiety and headaches. When burnt, it is a powerful airborne anti-microbial.

White Sage Loose Leaf

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