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A Guide to Finding Your Psychic Reader

Psychic readings can be anything from a tarot reading, to a rune casting, to guidance through astrology and astrological charts. A psychic reading can also be done without any divination tools. Simplistically, a psychic reading is when the reader tells a person, called the querent, the answers to their questions and advice for their current situation and beyond. The psychic reader uses their intuition to give the querent insight, answers, and the resulting advice. This process is very similar to that of a therapist, which is why comfortability is so important with your reader.

Choosing a psychic reader can be difficult. There are many people who may just be in this industry for the money, and just as many scam artists in person and online. They tell people what they want to hear or use other tactics to give the querent answers. They may also operate or lead by intimidation; you wouldn't expect this of your therapist, so don't allow this behavior form your reader, either!

One of the best ways to find a psychic reader, but certainly not the only way, is through referrals. When a person gets a referral from a friend or relative, they can usually trust that the psychic is worth going to as they have made a positive impact. A big aspect of finding a good psychic reader is that the reader and the querent need to be able to establish a good connection. This can be pre-established through empathetic or personal connection, or it may be established through similar beliefs and moral guidance. The psychic connection between the querent and the reader allows the reader to open up and receive messages to give the querent. Usually a reader will know right away if they can or cannot connect. If a person gets a reader that says they cannot read for them, then this is usually the case. As a querent, the best way to tell if there is a connection is based upon the gut feeling. A querent should feel comfortable and at ease with the reader. Any hesitation or uneasiness will throw off the reading.

Once a person finds a reader, it’s important to focus on the situation at hand. The querent should have a good idea of what they want to know before starting their reading, even if they just wish for a general life reading. They should be clear about their feelings in a given situation. One of the smartest things to prior to the reading as a querent is to not only establish that psychic and empathetic connection between individuals, but also to ask questions about the reader’s process! Do you read cards? Do you forego tools? Will I be able to ask whatever questions I want? Do you use a spread, or just pull intuitively? Do you work with guides, angels, or other spirits, or simply act based on intuition? For example, we at HEXE read as a team! This isn’t something that you see every day, and requires disciplined, open, and honest communication between the readers themselves AND the querent. We work by direct communication with spirit and our personal guides that set us off on this path to help guide as many people as we can to spread their spiritual and emotional wings. Through higher realms of communication and our own inner voice, we are able to access psychic and intuitive abilities. We may receive answers without the cards, but often like to use the cards as a vehicle for communication.

A psychic reader can help a querent, but they cannot tell them with 100% certainty that something will or will not happen. If anyone guarantees something as set in stone, they are likely not the reader for you. Just as auras have the capability of change based on emotional and spiritual states, so too can a psychic reading change at any given time, due to the querent’s choice to change the trajectory of their future by means of action, reaction, and something as simple as change in daily routine. No psychic reading is guaranteed as positive or negative, but should always leave the querent with more answers than questions.

A psychic reader is like a guide to spiritual and emotional realms. They’re much like a spiritual life coach, able to help untangle the wires when things get crossed and tangled, questions are unanswered, and emotions are lead astray. Any good psychic reader will focus on working to help others try to make the most of their lives, and to try to help them get clarity when needed in tough situations. Psychic readings are not about the money received, and no reader should ever pressure you into receiving a reading; after all, they are about the amount of help we as spiritual advisors are able to provide, and the fulfillment we receive being fortunate enough to be in this role.

To find more information about our readings, check out our In House Readings tab!

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