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A Guide to Using Conjure Oils

A Brief History of Conjure Oils

Whether you know them as Condition, Anointing, Dressing, Hoodoo, or Conjure - oils have been used across cultures and time to aid in drawing money or love or expelling evil forces, among many other uses. The use of these oils became widespread in the 1800's with the rise of Hoodoo, a powerful folk magick system that was born from African spirituality and concealed from slaveholders by enslaved Africans in North America. Over the years, Hoodoo began to incorporate various Native American and South American traditions as well, dropping what didn't work and building off of what did. Different regions of the United States utilized Hoodoo and adapted it in many different ways; while southern North America emphasized the botanical benefits of Hoodoo, New Orleans was busy breathing a new kind of magick into its workings. Many magickal practices utilized in neo-paganism found their roots in Hoodoo rootwork.

Uses of Conjure Oils


Our Conjure Oils are skin safe and can be used to anoint your body as well as your altar. You can anoint sacred objects such as amulets or talismans before wear or use. The sky's the limit when using oils for anointing. Common ways to anoint are by dabbing the oil onto your pulse points, the heel of your shoe, putting a few drops into your shampoo or even lotion. Some like to anoint doorways and other objects in the home for the area to receive benefits as well. Another way to do this is to drop the oils into an oil burner or onto a burning coal. Dab a bit of oil onto business cards or important documents. Use Conjure oils such as Dragons Blood to consecrate objects for sacred use, or Divination Oil to imbue those properties into your divinatory tools.

Ritual Baths and Spiritual Washes

Conjure oils can even be used for ritual baths. Put a few drops into your bath or apply directly to the skin. When applying the oil, to bring something into your life work from the feet up, and when expelling work from the scalp down. For example, if one wanted to use Go Away Evil for an exorcistic cleansing bath, they would begin with a few drops of oil on the fingertips and work it into the skin, starting at the scalp and working down the body to expel the evil forces affecting them.

To make a spiritual wash, simply mix a ½ tablespoon of oil with 2 tablespoons of household floor cleaner or liquid detergent and combine into a half gallon of warm water. When washing your space, the same concept of drawing in or expelling can be applied. To draw energies in, mop in a clockwise fashion starting at the front of the space and working toward the back. To expel, mop in a counter-clockwise way, working from the back to the front.

Another way to use a Spiritual Wash in your home or business would be to wash the front door. For example, one could use Opulence Oil to wash their front door in a clockwise fashion, starting from the bottom and working up, to bring in prosperity and abundance. If using Fiery Wall of Protection, work counter-clockwise from the top to the bottom.

Dressing Candles for Candle Magick:

To prepare for candle magick, oils can also be used to dress a candle and as a binding agent. Using a drop or two on your fingertips of your selected oil, coat the surface of the candle with your oil. Working from bottom to top of the candle for drawing in, and top to bottom for expelling. When dressing a jar candle, use a drop of oil on the top of the candle, apply clockwise to draw in or counter-clockwise to expel.

How Our Oils are Prepared

All of our oils are artisan crafted and blended by hand utilizing a combination of roots, herbs, curios, organic sunflower oil, organic apricot oil, natural micas, eco friendly glitters, and flora. All oils are included in a High John the Conqueror Ceremony under the potent powers of their planetary correspondences, ensuring strength, potency, and success in every blend.

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