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Graveyard Dirt

Let's talk Graveyard Dirt.

We know all too well that this is a common spell ingredient. You can use it in ancestral work, banishment, hexes, you name it. You may be comfortable using it, you may not. But what is important to remember is that this is a very sacred and important material in magickal workings.

This is an ingredient that's been used for centuries, from places like Germany, Norway, and Denmark, to being utilized in practices such as Hoodoo, Appalachian, Trad/Neo-Trad, and Southern American folk magick.

"The names, methods of collecting and creating, and uses for graveyard dirt can vary across these traditions—and even within them. Within Northern European traditional magic alone, the term “graveyard dirt” has been used across history to refer to dirt from a churchyard or cemetery, dirt specifically from a grave, powered valerian, and even powdered skeletal remains." - Crowsbone

I would recommend (and really only advise this) developing a relationship with the spirits from which you want to gather graveyard dirt from. You may also purchase a graveyard dirt alternative from any pagan shop, which is typically a combination of sacred dirt, mullein, and other ancestral herbs.

Once you've developed a relationship with these spirits, be sure that they are comfortable with the practice that you are going to utilize their materials for. Leave them offerings as you build your connection with them. When you've gained their approval and permission, you can then collect dirt from their resting place. Ensure that ample offerings are left, as some spirits may be left wanting for more. It is not uncommon for hitchhikers to come home with you, in search of the lovely things you have to offer if there isn’t enough to go around. They may also develop an attachment to you over a period of time with frequent visits, so be sure to cleanse just prior to exiting the graveyard and set clear barriers of which the spirits cannot cross (i.e. around the perimeter of your vehicle, placing tourmaline in the four corners of your car, a fine line of protection powder around the vehicle or at the entrance to the graveyard, et cetera). These spirits are not necessarily malevolent; but just as we can grow lonely and wanting in life, so too can we experience this in the afterlife

NOTE: It is absolutely inadvisable and inappropriate to take the soil from someone's resting place directly unless you know them personally. If you do not know them personally but feel a strong connection to their resting place, it is integral to spend a long span of time getting to know their Soul and Spirit. We stress that permission is always always ALWAYS required in order to take something for magickal or ceremonial use.

This is what we at Folklore do, and how we utilize graveyard dirt in our practice. Now, if you'd like to utilize this ingredient in a potion or something edible, valerian and mullein are a great substitute. You can use graveyard dirt in magical powders, hex bags, inks, spells, bottles, and more. I hope this was helpful and informative for everyone, and as always, reach out the Folklore team if you have any questions about your magickal ingredients!

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